An Introduction to Juvenile Diabetes

by ryan on July 17, 2017

An Introduction to Juvenile Diabetes


Juvenile diabetes is not what it first appears. It is not diabetes for people of a certain age or disposition. It is the old name for what we now call type 1 diabetes. I can see why they changed the name.

People who suffer from juvenile diabetes have major problems in producing any insulin which is why they have to be treated directly with it. Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes is far more serious than type 2 diabetes. There is nothing that can be done to prevent type1 diabetes, as it is a fault in the body unable to produce any insulin.

When you have juvenile diabetes you need to regularly check your blood sugar levels through the day. The testing kits are very sophisticated and are electronic and simple to use. You have to have a supply of insulin with you to maintain you blood sugar balance.

Getting used to having to self medicate can take some time especially if you not so keen on needles. However it is your responsibility to ensure that your insulin levels do not get drastically lower than they should be

The other thing is that you must eat heathliy. You need to eat a varied diet and not just eat the same types of food day in day out.

Living with Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes does not mean you have to restrict your daily life too much. You can still enjoy a glass of wine or the odd beer but you mustn’t eat or drink anything in excess.

Eating out is also quite straightforward. Perhaps you can view diabetes as the strict disease that keeps your weight at bay as you get fitter and healthier daily.

enile diabetes if you are obese or overweight. Thin people are a lot less likely to get type 1 diabetes.

Some very famous sports people have achieved huge success in their field whilst coping with juvenile diabetes. The most famous of these was a footballer called Gary Mabbutt who played football for Tottenham and England.

The other aspect of living with juvenile diabetes is that you need to involve your friends and family in your lie so that they know what to do if you need help. You cannot really run your diabetic life on your own as it affects the whole family.

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