Curing diabetics

by ryan on July 17, 2017

Curing diabetics


In diabetic patients, pancreas does not work properly. Either the pancreases will not be in a position to produce the insulin or the cells fail to use the provided insulin. In both cases, it leads to high levels of blood glucose levels. These increased blood sugar levels leads to various symptoms of diabetics like excessive thirst, frequent urination and unusual weight loss.

Natural Cure

Though, there are various medications and treatments available in the market to treat diabetics, but going for natural ways will be the best option as it shows no side effects.

Some of the natural ways of treating diabetes includes

• Curry levels are best natural methods to control the blood sugar levels. It helps in bringing the blood glucose levels and urine to normal levels. It is very helpful for those who have this disease in their genes.

• Mango levels are also very useful in controlling diabetics. Soak the leaves in water, dry them under sun and make the paste. Take a tablespoon of grinded mango leaves paste and mix it in a glass of water and drink it daily on empty stomach.

• Bitter gourd is the oldest and most popular diabetic remedy. It controls the blood sugar levels in urine and blood.

• Include your diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid having process and oily food.

Diabetic Complications

Diabetes if not treated on time leads to various serious health complications including

• Heart attack and attack
• Kidney damage
• Eye problems
• Damage to blood vessels

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