Gestational Diabetes – A Common Problem

by ryan on July 17, 2017

Gestational Diabetes – A Common Problem

Pregnancy is an exciting time when a woman’s body is going through all types of changes and adjustments. One of the common problems that can occur is gestational diabetes. Although the condition is not usually dangerous, and generally disappears when the baby is born, it is important to monitor it, as left unchecked it could cause problems for the mum and unborn baby.

It generally occurs in women who have had it during a previous pregnancy, those over 35 years old, women who are overweight, and those who have a history of polycystic ovary syndrome. It can also occur for those whose culture has a background of high risk such as Hispanic, South Asian and African women. However, it is something that the medical profession will always look out for as it can cause complications in pregnancy.

Symptoms of Gestational Pregnancy.

A woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy, so it can be helpful to be aware of the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Pregnant women need to talk about all manner of topics and should raise anything with their doctor that they are not certain about, or that is affecting them, and seems out of the ordinary. It is always better to ask about something that becomes a false alarm, or of no real consequence, than to ignore something that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

One of the signs of gestational diabetes is thirst. If you find you are getting dehydrated and you are increasingly thirsty, although this may happen naturally, it is important to mention it to your doctor.

Another frequent sign is nausea and vomiting. Again, this is a common symptom for some women during pregnancy, but it is important to mention it. Even if it is not gestational diabetes, there may well be helpful advice that may help reduce the problem. Many women find having a dry biscuit with a drink before getting up helps while others discover that they do not like wearing waistbands when pregnant and so wear looser clothing.

There is point worrying about this aspect of pregnancy as doctors do have a number of standard tests to check whether or not you have gestational diabetes. If you have then they will want to monitor this aspect of your pregnancy, if not then there may be possible options to deal with the symptoms you are experiencing.

Whatever, the results of the tests, it is vital to work closely with your doctor and the nursing staff. Their whole aim is to make sure that you are as healthy as possible during your pregnancy and enjoy it to the full. They are also determined to make sure that your baby remains as healthy as possible and that the end of the pregnancy results in a healthy child with a well mum to car for it. Whatever advice they offer, the condition of gestational diabetes is temporary, as is pregnancy, although at the time it may feel it might go on for ever.

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