How to take care of your feet when diagnosed with diabetes

by ryan on July 17, 2017

Diabetes Foot Care – how to take care of your feet when diagnosed with diabetes


When diagnosed with diabetes, the patient is more likely to develop foot problems, the most common of the diabetic neuropathies. Since diabetes makes the body less responsive to pain in the hands and feet and changes the ability to fight infections, good care of the feet is of at most essence.

The first thing, which the health provider will tell patients, is to have at least one extensive foot exam so that potential diabetic neuropathy is found at an early stage. If the patient knows that he/she has a blood vessel damage or nerve damage, daily foot checks at home are mandatory.

It is essential for patients suffering from this disease to check thoroughly their feet and toes after washing for little cuts, bruises or blisters, which can easily be infected. The areas which are most affected will be heels, between the toes and nails.

Patients should avoid sitting on their legs and feet or standing for too long. Since infections can develop easily in moist places, drying thoroughly is very important.

Patients need to choose their shoes carefully and check them for rough areas, which can cause more damages to the toes and feet. If a person is already diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, he/she will have to remove their shoes every 5 hours or so to relieve the pressure on the foot. Patients with this disease are more likely to suffer from frostbite, so to avoid that, wear warm clean socks even in bed.

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