Type-2 diabetes symptoms

by ryan on July 31, 2017

Type-2 diabetes symptoms


Signs and symptoms of diabetes are different in children and adults. The development of diabetes in children is very fast in comparison to that of adults. Sometimes it is difficult for one to notice the change in child as in many children the symptoms may not be seen clearly. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes and common sings are

Generally the child with type 2 diabetes is found to be overweight and this symptom can be considered as the benchmark for diabetes. There are brighter chances for a child to develop diabetes, if anyone in the family, say anyone of the parent or grand parents or siblings have diabetes.

It is generally seen that if anyone of the parent have diabetes, than only the disease is transmitted in the child. Mostly the children with diabetes complain of having hungry most often, because the sugar from the food taken remains in the blood, as it does not reach the cells which produce energy, and so the child feels weak and hungry.

The another sign that is found in the children suffering from diabetes, is that in some children, some patches of the skin, mostly skin on the back of the neck, starts turning black, this is due to excess amount of sugar remaining in the blood, which turns the skin black.

If the child is suffering from diabetes, the excess amount of sugar can be diagnosed in the urine also. If the child suffering from diabetes is a girl child, than there are chances for her to develop some problems related to ovary also, which may affect her at adult age, the parents of girl child should be very careful and should check, if their child has any such kind of problem, than it should be treated as early as possible.

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