Who Has The Most Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

by ryan on July 17, 2017

Who Has The Most Risk Of Gestational Diabetes?

All women who become pregnant are at some risk of gestational diabetes. Becoming pregnant is something that not all women find easy. It also follows that some women find it easier to cope with pregnancy than others. This is particularly true for the first pregnancy. Although women’s body’s are designed for pregnancy, it is something that each woman has to deal with as a new adventure when first becoming pregnant. There are so many changes for a woman’s body to cope with that some find it easier than others. One of the reasons that doctors and nurses monitor woman during pregnancy, is so that they can help them if they find any aspect of the pregnancy difficult. One of the difficult aspects is the development of gestational diabetes.

Known Risks of Gestational Diabetes

1 Over 25 years old.

Although women’s bodies are designed for babies, it seems that nature has not understood that many women have their babies when they are older. Some women prefer to establish their career first, some women wait for financial reasons, some women just don’t feel ready in themselves for babies when they are younger. However, it seems that our bodies have not caught up with the modern world which means we may find it a little more difficult to be pregnant when we are older. We may keep ourselves as fit as possible, but the risk of gestational diabetes is still there.

2 Overweight

Some overweight women may have fertility problems but those who do become pregnant are at greater risk of developing gestational diabetes than those who are within ten pounds of their ideal weight. If you are not sure what your ideal weight is, it is best to consult your doctor. You will then have an unbiased medical view. Whatever you do don’t compare your self to models in magazines. Even insurance companies can generalise. It is always best to seek a medical viewpoint. The other benefit is that they may recommend a helpful diet to aid your weight loss, if you need it, and may well have ideas of the kinds of foods you need to eat to help your body absorb all the vitamins, iron and other nutrients you will need during pregnancy.

3 Not White

This is a lesser known risk. No one knows why but it appears that white women have less risk of gestational diabetes than others. Particularly at risk are Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics and those from the continent of Africa. We don’t know if it is the choice of foods in the different cultures or what it is that causes this phenomena. What is certain is that we need to do more research to find out the probable cause for this unusual fact.

4. Family History

Another important risk factor is to assess your family history. Any near female relative who has had gestational diabetes, puts you at greater risk of the condition. You need to check with your sisters, mother, grandmothers and aunts. The advent of family tree research is something that many people are doing and one of the things it can reveal is any medical history that may be relevant.

Whatever the outcome, it is important to remember that gestational diabetes is treatable and it usually goes when the baby is born. The most important thing is to work with your doctor and the nursing team to ensure that you and your new baby, are and remain, as healthy as possible.

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